Looking to study at the happiest place on earth. Definitely, Denmark has been announced as the happiest country in the world several times. Other than that it is well-known for its higher standard of living and quality of education. Denmark has maintained its standard internationally by offering a variety of courses in English Language for its foreign students at its top universities, some of which are ranked among the top 100 in the world.

We’ve already established that Denmark is in transition, but that doesn’t mean you have to cross it off your list. While the path to becoming an international student in Denmark may have some new roadblocks, here are the reasons why the journey is worth taking.

5 Reasons to Study in Denmark

1. Real World Skills : Denmark’s premier higher education system is focused on transforming knowledge into solutions. While traditional lectures remain part of the curriculum, industrial collaboration and independent initiative are skills that cross over to the real world in an innovative and meaningful way.

2. Got English? : Denmark does. With more than 500 degree programs and a whopping 1,300 courses taught in English, the possibilities are nearly endless for students looking to polish up their English skills while studying abroad.

3. Green is Good : Denmark was recently declared the “Top Market for Green Investments” by the GGEI (Global Green Economy Index) for its dominance in green innovation and investment. Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen, meanwhile, has earned the honour of being the world’s most environmentally advanced city.

4. Culture Club : Can you say Vikings? From these famed Middle Age marauders to the contemporary cool of Copenhagen, Denmark is a stunning mix of the old and the new.

Whether you check out Hamlet’s castle or attend the country’s world-famous music festival Roskilde, there’s something for everyone here.

5. Be Happy : With so much going for it, it’s not exactly a surprise that Danes are known for being happy; in fact, the country consistently ranks as one of the world’s happiest countries. And did we mention that Denmark boasts the world’s lowest.

There are ample no of opportunities available to students willing to pursue PhD with scholarship options from University of Copenhangen or Technical University of Denmark(DTU).

Employment opportunities are plenty as well with the government issuing Green card for everyone who has skill set to fit in with the ‘Positive list’.

Education Statistics

The quality of Danish education is assured in many ways. It is mainly regulated and financed by the state, and all public educational institutions are approved and evaluated on an ongoing basis.

From all OECD countries, Denmark invest the most resources per student in higher education: the latest available figures show that total expenditures per student during his education at the University reached $ 70,000 compared to the OECD average of $ 40,000.

Higher education in Denmark is free for students from the EU/EEA and for students participating in an exchange programme. For other students, annual tuition fees may range from £490 to £13,000.

There are over 500 degree programmes taught in English and that number is growing. If you can speak Danish then you could study one of many courses taught in Danish.  You will find a variety of course so ensure you narrow your choice down to eight course as this is the maximum number you can apply for.

Learning Experience

Danish education is characterized by problem-oriented learning methods based mostly on project writing and practical understanding. Therefore the concrete tasks and practices instead of a course’s abstract theory are taken as the point of departure.

Besides the good social, economic and political situation in Denmark, Danish education system has gotten a remarkably good attention for the past years as well. Each year, Denmark is welcoming hundreds of international students to their universities, which are known for their practical study approach. Studying in Denmark gives graduates a competitive advantage over graduates of local educational institutions and guarantees great first steps of their future career. Denmark is also a safe place to live due to very low crime rate and welfare systems.

All over denmark, universities offer 24/7 access of the school to the students. That means access to constantly upgraded IT equipment, Wi-Fi, to professionally furnished libraries. Besides a constant care for the students, informal approach to the teaching and up to date information is provided by the universities.

Practice has shown that this approach appeals to students and at the same time it enhance students’ ability to think in an abstract way and to learn how to solve problems efficiently. Tasks and assignments are the base of learning, and developing the understanding of the theory as well. The assignments (cases) are based on complex problem situations that are linked to the professional practice and that serve, for example, to learn how to find information, understand theories, and explain certain phenomena in a methodical manner.

Student Life

There is a strong tradition of lifelong learning in Denmark. Many Danes participate in adult education to improve their knowledge and skills in order to advance professionally or change career.The workforce is thus constantly upgraded to meet the needs of the labour market. Students at Danish institutions are encouraged to play an active role in their learning process and take responsibility for carrying out projects independently or in small groups. In addition to attending classes, students are expected to participate in discussions and continuously develop their critical and analytical skills. There are no loans for covering the cost of living but you could ask the university you are interested in if there are scholarships and bursaries that you can apply for. Concerning leisure time, Denmark has a lot to offer. Numerous festivals and cultural events together with thriving nightlife and social gatherings can all be found here. Although Denmark is located in Northern Europe, it is not dull or cold neither boring at all. Being active and sociable gives students extra opportunities to find new friends, learn about different cultures and getting the positive attitude for life. All combined, studying in Denmark results in a great life-time experience!