According to the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), Finland is known as the best and most advanced educational system in the world attracting student from all parts of the globe.  So what makes Finland such a great place to study?

EU/EEA students and other international students with permanent residence in Finland are exempt from paying tuition fees at public Finnish universities and polytechnics.  Students come from outside the European Union may be charged tuition fees if study is carried out in a language other than Finnish or Swedish.

Popular courses to study in Finland consist of Engineering, Design, Technology, Education, Business and Languages to list a few.

Finland is renowned for the snowy Alps, with its winter-sports and picturesque landscapes.  If skiing and snowboarding excites you then we suggest you head for Lapland where they even offer dog-sledding, however it shouldn’t be confused with Santa Claus’ Lapland, although you may find reindeers roaming around.  Aside from snow sports you may enjoy canoeing, white-water rafting, jet-skiing amongst the many other types of water sport Finland boasts.

Depending on the length of stay, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the infamous Northern Lights.  Winter temperatures get as cold as -30 degrees Celsius but a blanket of snow is what makes the world renowned Alps even more beautiful.

Finns have a love for rock music and there’s no shortage of it in Finland, in fact, rock music in a key feature of Finnish culture and the people are known to be warm and welcoming so you won’t be made to feel like a foreigner even though you are.

Finland is one of the safest countries in the world and apparently, the best state in the world to live in, Finland is not just a country with a cold weather, known as the land of a thousand lakes or a thousand forests, or the place in the world where you can meet the real Santa Claus. Finland is actually an innovative country where you can enjoy world-class higher education. Here, you can choose from 14 universities and 24 polytechnics. Finland’s education system has been ranked among the very best in the world.

5 Reasons to Study in Finland

1. A Great Place to Live : Finland has been ranked the world’s best place to live, with capital city Helsinki achieving consistent top rankings for quality of life.

2. Education is Tops : Among Finland’s most noteworthy attributes? It’s higher education standards. Innovative teaching methods, an invested government, a focus on transferable skills, a commitment to research and development, and an abundance of English language coursework make Finland a great place to learn.

3. Four Seasons of Fun : Finland has four distinct seasons each with their own unique allures — including winter’s polar nights and summer’s midnight sun.

4. A Beautiful Blend : Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a city slicker, Finland has something for everyone: leading edge information technology abounds against a backdrop of fresh air and scenic vistas.

5. A Progressive Society : In addition to standing at the forefront of global technology, Finland is progressive in many other instrumental ways — from low crime to high gender equality.

University tuition fees in Finland

Finland is one of the financial havens of Europe since public universities do not charge tuition fees for students coming from EU/EEA countries.

Starting from autumn 2017, however, non-EU/EEA students will have to pay minimum tuition fees.

Student living costs in Finland

In Finland, you will need a total amount of 700 – 900 EUR/month, depending on the area that you will live in. Helsinki is the most expensive city, while Laaperanta, Pori and Tampere are known as the most affordable student cities.

Check the average budget you would need for each of the large cities in Finland:

  • Helsinki: between 810 and 980 EUR/month (sometimes even including the accommodation)
  • Jyvaskyla: between 700 and 750 EUR/month
  • Oulu: between 550 and 770 EUR/month
  • Tampere: between 730 and 850 EUR/month
Accommodation costs

Housing is a top priority in Finland and this expense represents 44% of the total monthly costs of international students, according to a European study.

Here are the average prices for accommodation in Finland:

  • Student living alone: 416 EUR/month
  • Student living with partner/child: 556 EUR/month
  • Student living in residence halls: 329 EUR/month.

Accommodation in residence halls is a time limited option that only 32% of the students get to earn. Out of those, 84% are satisfied with their stay, which is the highest percentage for a European country in terms of student satisfaction when it comes to housing.

Food costs

Food expenses vary greatly between cities, but on average, groceries from the local supermarkets would cost you around 260 EUR/month. You can save money by shopping from discount supermarkets such as Lidl, Sale, Alepa and K-Market and if you choose to shop in the evening, as often times, you will find discounts. If you wish to eat out, a meal in an inexpensive restaurant cost around 11 EUR, while a three-course meal for two in an average restaurant will be around 60 EUR.

Transportation costs

Most students (around 33 %) choose to get around the city using public transport.

  • A public transportation pass for students is between 35 and 50 EUR/month, depending on the city.
  • 26% of students prefer to walk to their campus.
  • You can also rent a car and this would cost you around 230 EUR for 5 days.
Extra costs

Living costs for students in Finland also include small expenses like:

  • student union membership fee (when registering at the university): around 100 EUR/academic year
  • social activities: around 100 EUR/month.